X Neural Switcher (xneur)
X Neural Switcher (http://xneur.narod.ru)
It's program like Punto Switcher for Linux

It''s program like Punto Switcher.
This utility is made for X Window System.

It is developed in Linux for now, but we're thinking it will
work on any *nix system with X11R6 & gcc3 .

Это программа, похожая на Punto Switcher.
Она сделана для X Window System.

Она разработана пока только для Linux, но, возможно, что она будет
работать в любой *nix системе с X11R6 и gcc3.

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Authors (0.0.4-...):
(*) Andrew Crew Kuznetsov
- Development new algorithmics and coding.

Authors (0.0.1-0.0.3):
(*) Alphex Kaanoken
- Maintainer and founder of the project.
(*) Art Vodolazsky
- X part was developing in the past, now he's went out
(*) Ivan Tarasov
- Developer of the project
Also thanx to:
Nickolay Akimov, the idea and support
Sommi Laati, some artwork and text on finnish (it's hard to find)

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